BPG Benevolent Fund


In 2022, BPG Cooperative is launching a brand new initiative, the BPG Benevolent Fund. The purpose of this fund is to contribute to our community through any unforeseen health or otherwise life altering events in a positive way. BPG Cooperative members, suppliers and many more make up the community we are all so proud to call our own, the Canadian Golf Industry.

In order to start up the fund, each Board Member as well as BPG’s General Manager have personally donated $1,000. Thank you for your generosity! BPG will also match the $10,000, making our total fund $20,000! Additionally, BPG plans to host various events throughout the year to raise funds towards this new community initiative. To make a donation or to host a potential fundraising event, do not hesitate to contact the BPG Head Office.

BPG’s President Advisory Board will be responsible for receiving nominations and ultimately selecting the recipients of the Benevolent Fund. This board is made up of industry leading golf professionals from one Canadian coast to the other.
Nomination of deserving recipients can be made through the BPG Cooperative website or through the BPG Head Office.

The power of this industry and our group is undeniable. Working together, we can all participate in fundraising events and help those around us that need it most. There is no end to what we can accomplish together!

Jody Levoy

Our first recipient of the Benevolent Fund

Jody Levoy, wife, mother of two, a dedicated member of the BPG team and most importantly, friend. Jody was diagnosed this past Fall with an illness which requires an organ transplant. She hasn’t let this life altering news bring her down! Jody was involved and present at the 2021 Buying
Show & Events, she’s remained in her position within the BPG
team, continuing to exceed expectations and all without missing a beat. The courage, strength, perseverance, and her never fading “joie de vivre” she displays is not only intoxicating but is what makes her the ideal first ever recipient of the BPG Benevolent Fund.

We hope that this contribution brings about positive change.
It signifies the support, thoughts and wishes going out to Jody and her family from golf industry professionals across the country.