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Differentiation. Colour outside the lines.

The Private Estate Collection offers golf professionals and their clubs the opportunity to sell products in a new and innovative way,
by marketing THEIR brand.
We as a distributor and a Co-operative understand the importance of marketing yourself, building an image and a culture as a Golf Club. Our Private Collection which is 100% personalized to each club, offers them
just that opportunity.
Whether it be with a plain logoed polo, one of our collection prints or the Bespoke fully personalized prints the clubs can create themselves, we want to help everyone make a name for themselves, separate
themselves from the pack.
Again, members at every club love to brag and show off where they play their golf, we’ve simply taken that idea and put it into a full line of apparel, something you can touch, feel and wear proudly.

Sansoleil is one of the leading apparel companies, focusing and striving to protect golfers, tennis players and summer lovers alike from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

While Sansoleil is revered by all for their chemical free and fashionable alternative to sun protection, consumers keep coming back thanks to the company’s dedication to style, comfort and fit.

In partnership with the BPG Buying Group, Sansoleil has captured Canadian golfer’s hearts over the past two years. They continue to grow towards a better protected and better dressed membership. Raw Elements and their products distinguish themselves from their competitors not only in their ingredients but also in its utility. Ultimate water and sweat performance, application under waler, never runs. hypoallergenic, fragrances and chemical free.

Stay safe and protected with their line of face, body and lip sun protection.